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Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Chiller Plant CW 3000 Chiller

Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Chiller Plant CW 3000 Chiller


Features of Industrial Chillers

1. Radiating capacity of cw 3000 industrial chillers: 50W/oC.

2. Small water chiller, energy saving, long working life and simple operation.

3. With water flow and over high temperature alarm functions.

4. Multi power specification, CE certification.



Introduction of CW 3000 Chiller Plant Product

Industrial chiller plant CW-3000 special designed for CO2 laser cutters and engravers cooling laser device, used to 40W – 80W Co2 glass laser tube, emitting rate lower than 60%.

Features of Small Chiller CW 3000 Chiller

1. Water circulating pump keeping the cw 3000 chiller in low operating cost and low noise level.

2. Reciprocating chiller is use widely in overseas markets, enjoying extremely high occupation rate of market and reputation.

3. The temperature of the water can be controlled to be between the working environments to 10oC higher than it.

4. Perfect after-sales service. Warranty: 24 months.

5. High performance cost, energy saving.

6. Easy installation and operation.

Easily movable. Economic cooling laser equipment.

Industrial Chillers Specifications
CW-3000 laser industrial chillers parameter 
Baodian Industrial Chiller Manufacturers
Baodian industrial chiller manufacturers adopt the reputed brand components, inspect every chiller, test mri chiller, customerize chiller as per consumers' request. There are CW-3000, CW-5000, CW-5200, CW-5300, CW-6000, CW-6100 and CW-6200. 
And, during the process of laser cutting, there are harmful fumes and exhausts which are bad for health and environment. Fume extractor can solve the problem. 


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