Laser Market Development


Laser Technology in Cleaning, Printing, and Radar

Laser Cleaning: With the enhancement of environmental awareness, a variety of environmental cleaning technology came into being. One is laser cleaning technology.

Laser cleaning uses the interaction between high-energy laser beam, and the material removed from workpiece surface, to make an instantaneous evaporation or stripping, without chemical cleaning agents, green pollution. Laser cleaning can used to remove paint, oil, oxide, cleaning screw, rust, cleaning weld.

Metal 3D Printing Market: metal 3D printing usually uses a selective laser cladding (SLM) technology, This adopts laser energy to melt the layers of metal powder, and finally makes the desired shape.

Lidar: LIDAR market will grow steadily over the next five years, with the main drivers of market growth coming from unmanned aerial vehicles, autopilot vehicles, robots, military and security.

Xlnt provides high efficiency laser cooling system water chiller. with the development of laser technology, we develop and improve the cooling system.

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