Application of Laser Technology in Printing and Emboss


Since the 1980s, the industrial market for large-scale film has undergone tremendous changes, almost completely replaced by lasers and digital processing. Since then, in the printing industry, the commonly used technology for engraving screen printing is to use RF CO2 lasers with a power of up to 1kW, which can be adjusted according to the pattern of engraving.

The mesh is covered by a thin polymer layer, engraved with a modulated laser beam, and the hole in the mesh will be opened in the carved place. This is a very effective way to produce printing plates and rollers, especially when it comes to mass printing. Almost all of the printing materials used for textiles, carpets, wallpaper and paper money can use this technology.

While a laser is working, a laser chiller is used to cool down the co2 laser tubes. CW 5000 water chiller is applied to cool a single 80W CO2 laser tube (emitting rate higher than 60%). 
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