10Liters Water Cooler Cooling 400A Panasonic Water Weld Machine


Panasonic welding machine distributor contacts us and asks something about water cooler for tig torch. He sells Panasonic welding equipment and many are water weld cooling type. It needs cooling water to cool down tig torches. He uses simple water pump in the past but the result is unsatisfactory.

He purchases one 10liters mini water cooler and tests it. The productivity of welding machine rises.


Features of WRC-300A small water cooler

♦ Powerful, active water cooler to suit TIG and MIG welding machine featuring a 10 liters tank, large heat exchanger, suitable for use on TIG, MIG and spot welders.

♦ Water level indicator, self priming system for easy use.

♦ Quick release female water connectors.

♦ Tank capacity 10liter.

♦ Cooling water flow 8.5L/min.

♦ Cooling capacity 1.9kW.

♦ Can be used on welding machines of 220v or 380v supply.

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